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School Physicals

Now that the fall sports season is coming up fast and the school year is almost over, athletes are training hard to compete in various sports. While you plan to attend parent's meetings, invest in a good uniform, and prepare team snacks, make sure that you also remember to book an appointment for your school physicals with your physician. Most athletic departments will ask their athletes to take sports physicals as a requirement for participation, but few of them will not. It is important to schedule a school physicals near me for your athletes planning to enroll this year, no matter the requirements. The reason is that sports physicals help to keep athletes safe whether they are on or off the field.


Another name that sports physical is known by is preparticipation physical examination (PPE). A sports physical exam helps gauge whether an athlete is healthy enough to participate in any sporting activity. In many states, Sports physical exam is one of the requirements needed before a child or a teen can participate in any new sport. It is also mandatory for any athlete before starting a new competitive season. It is recommended that an athlete takes sports physical even when an exam is not demanded. A sports physical may be done either at school with the assistance of a medical professional or at a doctor's office. It is better to have a sports physical doctor perform your sports physical because they understand your health better.


School physicals near me are conducted differently by different providers. However, doctors will always ask you to take a physical exam and your medical history. While the physicals for school is going on, your provider will ask about your overall health, if you suffer from any medical condition, and your family's health history. They will also want to know if you are under any medication. Although a physical examination is almost the same as an annual checkup, the doctor will include questions about the kind of sports you usually participate in. Providers carrying the physical exam usually focus on an athlete's heart, lungs, joints, and bone health.


Some of the tests that your provider may do include:

  • Get your height and weight measurements
  • Get your pulse and blood pressure
  • Test how well is your vision
  • Do a physical checkup of your belly, ears, nose, mouth, throat, heart, and lungs
  • Check the athlete's flexibility, posture, strength, and joints

Providers may want to know more about:

  • The athlete's diet
  • Whether the athlete is using any drugs, supplements, or alcohol
  • If you are a woman or a girl, the doctor will also ask you about your menstrual periods.


Kids who participate in various sports are always anxious to get in the game and play with their fellow kids. As much as they want to get on the field or court and start playing, their safety comes first. That is why many schools will demand a sports physical, which is also popularly known as a pre participation exam (PPE). This kind of exam is done before the child is allowed to play. Every year, about 30 million athletes under 18 years in the United States usually get clearance to participate in sports activities. The purpose of having sports physicals is to:

  • Establish whether the student is physically fit to participate in any sport
  • Check for health conditions that may increase the athlete's risk of illness or injury
  • Come up with safe playing strategies that will prevent injuries during play
  • Check whether the student has pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, or life-threatening illnesses
  • Ensure that if the athlete has a chronic medical condition, and is managed properly


When your child is just about to take a physical exam, you must fill out the form sections for the student and the parent as a parent or guardian. Forms may also be provided by the child's school physicals near me or a particular sports program. Once the parent finishes filling out the forms, they must take them to the Patient First center along with the child. It is always a good idea to double-check your corrections to the child's school or sports league. Therefore, try to confirm first with the school or league. If you can't make it to the child's sports physical, it is important to pay attention to the Health History Questionnaire when you are filling out the form. Moreover, it is ideal to ensure that you take your child's current prescription drugs list. Preparing your kid's sports physical in advance ensures that your visit is efficient so that you can quickly go back to your daily routine.



You can fill out a form with your medical history and bring it to the child's school. You can also bring this information with you to school if you have not received the form:

  • Mention which kinds of allergies or reactions you suffer from
  • A list that shows the kind of immunization you have had in the past and the dates you had them
  • A list of prescription medication, over the counter drugs, and food supplements that you usually take
  • Mention if you have undergone any surgeries or you have been hospitalized
  • If you have ever passed out, felt shortness of breath while exercising, felt dizzy, suffered from heat illness, or had chest pains
  • Information if whether you are currently using contact lenses, orthotics, dental appliances, or if you have pierced your ears
  • Any kind of sickness that you have now or you have had in the past.
  • Mention if you have had any broken bones, concussions, or dislocated bones, or any other injuries in the past
  • Any sickness in the family that has claimed a life or sports exercise deaths


About 8 million teens engage in various sports in the United States. The popularity of high school sports has rapidly grown in the past few years and is still growing. It is a requirement for most schools in the United States for student-athletes to undergo sports physicals before participating in any sports. You can still insist that your child take a school physicals near me even though it is unnecessary for their school. Many benefits come with by joining school sports physicals near me. Below are some of them:-

Sports Physicals Help to Track Health Progression

Some of the facilities available to take a physical exam include your school physicals urgent care or primary care physician. Whether you choose to take a physical exam, they are beneficial because they can help you flag unusual health loss/gain or track your health progression. You will track injuries to know whether they are worsening or getting better by going to school physicals near me.

The Risk of Medical Issue and Injury are Reduced

Sports physicals are done to confirm whether a person is healthy enough to participate in physicals for school. If any issues may lead to life-threatening situations while playing, the provider will advise what to do next. Some of these conditions, such as joint injuries, neurological issues, or undiagnosed heart conditions, may not be picked by your healthcare provider or school physicals near me. If life-threatening health conditions are identified early enough, it may help to save lives.

Once a provider identifies health troublesome health issues, he or she will make recommendations on the extent of physical activities you should subject your body to. A provider will also suggest the treatment required to address the health issues, including consulting a specialist or just monitoring it.

Sports Physicals Can Detect Unidentified Health Issues or Injuries

Sports physicals are not only done at the time when teens interact with a medical provider. There are several instances that they come into contact with, and when that happens, the provider can pick issues like eating disorders, hypertension in kids, obesity, or hernias. These conditions can easily be treated; however, if the teen doesn't go for regular physical checkups, such conditions may not be identified or even get worse if not treated.

Sports Physicals Help to Assess Physical & Health Condition

There is a big difference between normal physicals and sports physicals and besides checking your vitals, they also focus on muscle and joint problems. A reliable school physicals near me will check and carry out several tests to confirm that your heart, lungs, back, knees, shoulders, and chest have no problems. If there are any concerns, they will advise whether it is a good or bad idea to participate in sports.

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There are several reasons why visiting an urgent care school physicals near me is preferred over going to a local hospital's emergency room. One of these reasons is that an urgent care clinic will provide the first response to any medical concerns you may be having, whether it is life-threatening or not. Whereas an emergency room only caters to life-threatening health conditions and nothing else. You can choose to visit your urgent family clinic if you cannot reach your health care provider in time during urgent care situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the visit, you can learn more about what to expect at WUCFC.

The chances of your child failing a physical exam are minimal. However, when he or she fails, it may be because the specialist your child was recommended to wants to have ample time to treat the condition, monitor the child, or perform further medical examinations.

If the provider says that the child is not healthy enough to participate in a particular sport, all is not lost. It only means that the child needs to visit a specialist who will suggest proper treatment for the health condition. A specialist will establish which health obstacle is hindering your child from taking part in a certain sport. It may be that your child is overworking his or her muscles or is not running properly. Your child will start receiving treatment in advance and get well before the event starts.

There is no reason to take your child's clothes off during a physical exam . The only instance that may require taking your child's clothes off is when there is a serious health issue with the private parts.

While examining a girl, the doctor will check her vitals such as blood pressure and pulse rate, temperature, and respiration. The provider can also check her abdomen or the skin to see signs of health changes.

Usually, a sports physical is done once a year. However, certain schools and leagues demand that student-athletes take sports physicals before every sporting season, even twice a year.

If you want to be comfortable during a sports physical exam, you better wear loose clothes and flat shoes. Carry with you a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when you take a physical exam. The good thing is that breaks are given during evaluation.

You have an option to refuse a sports physical if you are not ready or comfortable. You can refuse part of the test or the entire examination. However, this means that you won't participate in any sport if a sports physical is mandatory.

A sports physical may be necessary to assess an injury before someone is allowed to join the team. It is recommended when a child reaches 7th grade, he or she should take a sports physical, however, this is not a state or league requirement.  


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