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A skin biopsy test is a less invasive examination that allows doctors to quickly evaluate a small section of the skin's sensory nerve. These types of nerves perform the duties of passing on information about temperature and pain. Certain kinds of peripheral nerve damage (neuropathies) usually affect these types of nerves. The purpose of a skin biopsy infection treatment is to look for these nerves, count them, and find out if they are all healthy. When viewed under a microscope, the damaged nerves will show as abnormal.


A skin biopsy treatment at Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic in Wilmington, San Pedro, across Long Beach, Torrance, Carson, or Lomita is purposely done to diagnose or treat various skin diseases and conditions such as:

  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Skin tags
  • Warts
  • Skin infection, occasionally
  • Suspicious skin growths such as moles
  • Blistering skin disorders such as bullous pemphigoid
  • Detecting squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and other skin cancers
  • Fungal or bacterial infections of the skin
  • Diagnosing psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders

It is found that the most common kind of cancer in the United States is skin cancer, and Squamous cells and basal cells are the two most common types of skin cancer.
Rarely do these types of cancers spread to other areas of the body, and with proper treatment, a patient can easily get cured. Another form of skin cancer is known as melanoma. It is the third type of skin cancer with fewer cases than the other two mentioned above. What makes it more dangerous than the different kinds of skin cancers is that it can spread to other areas of the body. Most of the reported skin cancer deaths are caused by melanoma. One of the benefits of having a skin biopsy test is that it allows the doctor to detect cancer in its early stages when it is easy to treat before it worsens and becomes hard to treat


It would be best if you prepared yourself before getting a skin lesion biopsy test. If any bandages cover an open wound where the biopsy test is to be done, the doctor must remove them first. This also applies to an infected open wound. A sample of skin tissue may be removed in various ways. The doctor will determine the location, type, and size of the sore or lesion in order to perform the biopsy test. The doctor will first have to numb the area where the biopsy test is done using local anesthesia. The various methods that the doctor may use to collect skin samples to perform a biopsy test include:


Shave biopsy

In this method of skin sample collection, the doctor will use a scalpel or a particular razor to remove the outermost layers of your skin.

Punch biopsy

In this type of sample collection, the doctor will use a small, tube-like instrument with a sharp end, and it works like a cookie-cutter to cut around the suspected area of the patient's skin. The doctor will use a pair of tweezers to remove enough samples and use a single stitch to seal the incision.

Excisional biopsy

Sometimes, the doctor will have to remove the entire lesion; that is where this method of sample collection comes in handy. An incision will have to be made first and go as deep as necessary, and he will remove the whole lesion. Closing up the wound will require several stitches.

Incisional biopsy

The skin biopsy doctor near me at Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic in Wilmington, San Pedro, across Long Beach, Torrance, Carson, or Lomita will have to use this procedure when there is the need to remove a small part of the more significant lesion. The technique used is just the same as the excisional biopsy method.

The cause of the skin cancer is suspected to be melanoma, which is the most aggressive type of skin cancer. The doctor performing the biopsy will have to use the excisional method to extract any potentially cancerous tissue. This will also be done to remove a small section of healthy skin. After finishing with skin sample extraction, it is sent to the lab for testing. Once extraction has been made, the skin biopsy doctor near me will cover the area with a bandage or gauze. The patient is free to go home once the biopsy is done, awaiting skin biopsy results and skin biopsy cost.


The biopsy site needs to be well cared for by ensuring that it stays dry and clean, ensuring it heals appropriately and quickly. A few days after the surgery, the stitches will have to be taken out, and new bandages or sterile dressing will be placed until they fall out on their own. After the skin biopsy test, it is common for most patients to develop fever, redness, swelling, and discomfort in the biopsy area. It is also okay if the biopsy area bleeds. However, if the area continues to bleed profusely, you will have to contact the skin biopsy near me who performed the biopsy test for skin.


You will experience some soreness after a skin biopsy, either on the site or around it. This will go on for a few days once the biopsy is done. You can use a Tylenol pain reliever to get rid of any discomfort. Stitches should be kept clean and moist right after the procedure. You will be told by the doctor when you are supposed to remove the stitches – typically within a week. The area should remain dry if adhesive sterile strips were used to close the incisions. Please do not remove them because they will gradually fall off on their own. If these strips fail to fall off on their own, your provider will remove them during your follow-up appointment after the biopsy healing process. The biopsy will cause a scar to form.



The dressings should be kept on for 24 hours at the biopsy site. Once the 24 hours are over, you can remove the dressing while taking a shower. The biopsy site should be covered with an adhesive bandage every day until scab forms. Once you notice that they have formed, allow the site to get some air by leaving it open. The forming scabs should not be removed until the skin biopsy healing process is complete.

  • The patient is allowed to take showers, but tub baths are not allowed. The patient is also not allowed to swim or enter hot tubs until 7 days' end.
  • When the wound starts bleeding, you can apply firm pressure for 2 minutes with a clean piece of gauze.
  • You may experience dim redness around the area where a skin biopsy was done. To get rid of the redness, use Polysporin or Bacitracin as required on the biopsy site.

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Compared to a hospital's emergency room, there are several reasons why you may need to visit an urgent skin biopsy clinic near me. An urgent care clinic is ideal because it offers treatment and medical services for situations requiring time-sensitive care. On the other hand, emergency rooms are only available in emergency medical situations, where skin biopsy services are only given to patients whose health situations are life-threatening.

If you are experiencing a health situation that requires an urgent address and your skin biopsy services provider is not around, then the best skin biopsy facility to seek quick medical services is a local urgent family clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the visit, you can learn more about what to expect at WUCFC.

In most cases where a skin biopsy test is done, it usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks for that particular area to heal.

The days that you need to take off after a skin biopsy test is done will depend on the activity that you want to do. Typically, one or two days are enough for you to rest after a skin biopsy test. You need to avoid vigorous activities a few days after the procedure, and you can resume them once the pain goes away.

A skin biopsy test may be done in three significant ways: a punch biopsy where the skin sample is extracted using a unique circular tool, a shave biopsy where a razor blade is used to remove the skin sample, and the excisional biopsy, where the doctor uses a scalpel (a small surgery knife) to extract the skin sample.

A pressure dressing is usually used to cover the biopsy site. This dressing should not be removed for 24 hours because it helps to keep the area dry. Once the 24 hours are over, the patient is free to remove the bandage. The patient needs to start caring for the wound daily by using warm soapy water to clean the wound. A gentle soap should be used with a gauze pad or a Q tip.

When the doctor performs a skin biopsy, it won't hurt because the area will be numb due to the injected anesthesia. However, the anesthesia shot will cause a stinging pain for several seconds. Once the biopsy is done, it will only take a few days for the skin to heal. Once the site heals appropriately, you will not feel pain anymore.

You may feel light-headedness after the biopsy. It would be better if you got a preferred driver to drive you home.

The width of the skin biopsy is typically 2 to 7 mm. This will depend on how big the area being tested is, and this is about the size of a pencil eraser. The depth should also be a few millimeters deep into the dermis or the subcutaneous fat, which is the superficial fat.

After a needle biopsy, you may feel mild pain which may be relieved with any over-the-counter painkillers. You may need to consult your doctor if the biopsy site's pain isn't getting any better or worsens even after taking pain-relieving medication.

The purpose of conducting a biopsy is to detect skin conditions and diseases. It usually involves the removal of a sample of skin so that it can get tested. When diagnosing cancer, most of the biopsy tests will involve minor surgeries. These tests are usually done under local anesthesia on outpatients.

If you have undergone a skin biopsy and find out it has been affected, you need to contact the doctor who performed the biopsy. The wound may be infected if there is redness, tenderness, warmth, pus, or bleeding after applying pressure. You can also call the doctor if you have questions regarding skin biopsy aftercare.

Before the doctor does the biopsy, inquire about potential scarring after the procedure. In any biopsy, there is always a possibility of a small scar being left. The size of the spot will depend on the type of biopsy that the doctor is going to perform. Before a skin biopsy is completed, the doctor will inject a numbing agent (anesthesia) to reduce the discomfort or pain.


Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic is among the best care providers in Wilmington, Los Angeles. The founders of this facility created it with patients in mind. Patients are handled with compassion and humility, and their interests always take center stage. Not only do we offer high-quality skin biopsy treatment, but we offer them to patients who require them on an urgent basis. At Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic, patients always feel that they are appropriately taken care of with the help of the latest technology and highly skilled staff.

Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic services are offered on a time-sensitive basis. This means that if your primary healthcare provider is not available, you can always count on us to provide urgent skin biopsy treatment to those who need it. We prioritize our patient's medical needs, and that is why we have extended our working hours to accommodate those who arrive in the wee hours of the night. Care skin biopsy services at Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic are offered on a walk-in basis, and every kind of healthcare condition is always resolved in a few hours. We use new and advanced equipment, including x-ray imaging systems.

Walk-in urgent care clinics such as Wilmington urgent care clinics also offer unique health care services such as physical examinations. These types of services are offered conveniently to all patients who require them. If you need a skin biopsy test, type the skin biopsy near me in Google's search bar, and you will get all the insights about these kinds of health services. We have clinics all over Southern California, and you can rely on our professional and well-trained staff for all your urgent skin biopsy care needs.



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