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Tuberculosis Skin Test



Tuberculosis skin tests are performed to confirm whether a person has developed immunity for the Mtb bacteria which causes tuberculosis or TB. If someone is already infected with TB, this response will occur. It will also occur if exposed to the infection in the past or if a person receives the BCG vaccine against TB. Currently, this vaccine is not administered in the United States. Studies have shown that each year 1.3 million people die of TB globally. Research has also shown that one-third of the world's population is suffering from latent TB.

A tuberculosis skin test is also known as PPD (purified protein derivative) or tb test. In the tb skin test, a delayed-type hypersensitivity skin reaction is produced by the M. tuberculosis bacterium. This reaction only happens to certain components of the bacterium. The core components of the classic tuberculin PPD are the extracted components of the organism from TB cultures. They are also known as purified protein derivatives and are used for skin testing for tuberculosis. Triggered by past infection, the skin will start to react to tuberculin PPD. This will happen when T cells – specialized immune cells – are drawn into the immune system. During this reaction, chemical messengers called lymphokines will be released. Induration, which is a hard, raised area, is induced by these lymphokines via local vasodilation. This causes edema (fluid deposition) and fibrin deposition, and other inflammatory cell types will also be drawn to that area.


Having a tuberculosis test helps discover exposure to TB bacteria. To do this, the patient's immune response is measured using a killed or inactive version of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Two conditions that are TB-related are available. The first condition is known as latent TB infection or TB infection. The second one is called reactivation TB, active TB, or TB disease. The stage in which your immune system can control the infection is known as TB infection. If you have a TB infection, you don't exhibit any indications. But, if the illness is not treated, it may develop into a TB disease. About 5 to 10% of people with TB infection end up getting TB disease. When a person has TB disease, he or she may develop symptoms of tuberculosis. The patient can also spread the TB disease to others. A TB skin test near me can be performed for two main reasons: to assist in TB diagnosis or screen for TB.

  • Diagnosing TB disease
  • When a person exhibits signs and indications of tuberculosis, a diagnostic test is done. If the test sets out to be a positive TB skin test, it means that the TB disease is present. Besides the outcome of the TB test, other factors will also be considered, such as the patient's medical history, physical exam results, imaging results, and other lab test results.

  • Screening for TB infection
  • Screening for TB infection is a test done for persons who don't have any symptoms. Typically, if a person stays in an environment with a high chance of getting tuberculosis, he/she will benefit from early treatment if they end up having TB disease. If a person had TB in the past, a TB test would detect that. However, it doesn't detect whether a person currently has TB disease or TB infection. To confirm or rule out TB disease, additional tests have to be done.


Just before a TB test near me is done, explain to your doctor if you:

  • Are you exhibiting any tuberculosis symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, ongoing cough, and night sweats
  • If your skin reacted to the tuberculin skin test that was quite severe in the past
  • Had tuberculosis disease in the past
  • Have TB risk factors – things that increase your chances of getting tuberculosis. These factors include:
  • Coming into contact with someone who has TB
  • Working as a health care worker
  • Recently traveled to a country where TB is rampant.
  • Recently got vaccinated against TB with a vaccine containing bacteria known as BCG (bacille Calmette-Guérin). This bacteria relates closely with the bacteria that causes TB.
  • Have taken medicine that affects your immune system, such as corticosteroids
  • Have rashes on your skin that make it hard to do a skin test

You should extensively consult your doctor about why you need to take the test, how it's done, the risks involved, and what the results will mean. Filling out the medical test information form will help you grasp the importance of getting the test.


Another name for a Tuberculosis skin test is a Mantoux tuberculin skin test (TST). There are two major parts to a TB skin test:

Part one

When performing the TB skin test at the doctor's office, the doctor will administer small amounts of tuberculin by injecting your firearm under the skin. Tuberculin, made from the bacteria that cause TB, is a sterile extract purified protein derivative (PPD). Once you have gotten the injection, the injection site will form a pale bump.

Part two

After 48 to 72 hours, the second phase will take place. The provider will observe your skin closely to see how tuberculin reacts with it. From the skin reaction, the doctor will determine whether you are infected with TB. If the waiting lasts more than 72 hours to conduct the second skin test, you will be forced to start the test all over again by going through part one, once again. Your skin's reaction will help your doctor decide if you've been infected with TB. If your TB skin test near me becomes negative, the doctor will ask you to return after one or three weeks to confirm whether it's indeed negative.


If your TB skin examination or blood test turns out to be positive for TB, additional tests will have to be done to make an accurate diagnosis. Even if your results are negative, you will still need to undergo more tests if you have signs and symptoms of TB or if you have risk factors for TB. Extra tests other than tb skin test near me that are used to diagnose TB include sputum samples and chest x-rays. The thick mucus that a patient coughs from the lungs is called sputum. It is not the same as saliva. Failure to get proper treatment if you have been infected with TB can be fatal. If you take your antibiotics as directed by your doctor, you will be cured of TB. You don't just focus on treating TB disease and ignore latent TB. Failure to treat both may lead to latent TB becoming active in the future, which is also dangerous. The provider will give you the answers if you have any questions about your TB test results.

Is a Tuberculosis Test Needed Even If Symptoms Aren't Present?

Taking a TB test may still be necessary even if you don't have any symptoms. This applies to:

  • Patients with HIV/AIDS
  • Patients who use IV-based drug
  • Persons who came into contact with a TB patient
  • Persons who have just come from an area with rampant TB infection cases include China, India, Indonesia, and The Philippines.
  • A Health care provider who assists patients with a high risk of TB

You need to get tested immediately if you conform to these risk factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During the visit, you can learn more about what to expect at WUCFC.

It depends on the facility where you want your TB test to be done. In a subgroup of patients (N = 26), the percentage agreement between postcard readings and clinician classifications was 100%. This was established to be an accurate tuberculin self-assessment by nurse practitioners. Kappaw = +0.943 (P less than . 001) and inter-clinician reading agreement (N = 37) was 89 percent.

If a person has just had a BCG vaccine or a different mycobacterial infection, a positive TB skin test result may be registered by TB skin tests. A TB blood test involves checking a component in the cell wall of M. tuberculosis of the cell-mediated immune response to two proteins.

The risk of having a severe reaction to the tuberculin skin test is quite minimal, more so if you have had TB – tuberculosis. At the injection site, a lot of swelling and pain may occur due to an allergic reaction.

The needle angle is advanced through the epidermis if it's an intradermal injection. This is done approximately 3 mm in the skin's superficial layer. This is done to ensure that the entire slope lies under the skin and is covered. If the needle is too shallow or goes in too deep, the test results will be inadequate.

  • Active TB Disease. An active TB refers to an illness where the bacteria that causes TB multiply rapidly and invade different body organs.
  • Miliary TB. This type of TB is quite rare and happens when the bacteria that cause TB maneuver into the bloodstream.
  • Latent TB Infection.

The majority of people who were born outside the United States have been vaccinated against TB with a drug called BCG. If a person tests positive for TB using a Tuberculosis skin test, a false-positive reaction may be triggered. The BCG vaccine itself may cause a positive reaction to a TB skin test or may be due to TB bacteria infection.

The TB blood test has lower chances of producing a false positive than a TB skin test because it is more specific. The blood TB test is conducted only once, while the TB skin test requires several visits.

If the TB test turns out to be positive, it means TB bacteria has been detected. A positive TB test result doesn't mean that a person has latent TB infection or active TB. More tests need to be done to get this information. These tests may include physical examination, chest x-rays, and other lab tests.

You can hardly suffer from any risk if you undergo the Mantoux skin test. But, you may have a reaction if you have been exposed to TB germs. These reactions may include irritations, mild itching, or swelling. Within a week or two, these reactions should subside.

A false-negative result may come from testing a person with a very old infection or who recently had TB. A false-negative may occur if the test is not done correctly.

You are allowed to bathe and shower the way you usually do after getting tested.

Place a washcloth with ice cubes on your arm. SCRATCHING IS NOT ALLOWED!


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